Potpourri Flirting With Godwin’s Law

Steve Russell
9 min readMay 27, 2021
What Every Teenager Thinks When He Joins the USAF. Photo by Pixabay

I am about to spew forth a river of loosely-connected thoughts that have little to do with current events or each other.

I have decided that if I’m not going to make money with my writing, I am at least going to enjoy it. Godwin’s law, for those who need a refresher, instructs us as follows:

As an online discussion continues, the probability of a reference or comparison to Hitler or Nazis approaches 1.

Mike Godwin, the law maker, has been forced by current events to recognize the size of Hitler’s fan club and to admit that when people do harm and cite Hitler as the reason, it might be a good idea to call them out in the terms they have chosen.

Those of you who follow my writings are aware of my interest in questioning how otherwise sane people can involve themselves with evil incarnate. I’m also interested in how the good gets passed along between generations.

For those reasons, my infamous Russell digressions™ often wander off the beaten path. Or, in this case, any path. Sometimes, I just like to wander around.

You have been warned.

I learned all the major myths in Sunday School, and I’m glad I went for that reason.

You can’t be a writer in the English language if you can’t decode Biblical imagery. But I only ran across Matthew 6:5–8 later, when I undertook to read the Bible as the foundational literature it is. I’ve always guessed that my tormentors missed Jesus’s admonition about public prayer, and I found that mystifying, because there is not much quoting of Jesus’s words directly. Jesus was surrounded by men who wanted to play the role for him that Plato played for Socrates, and they filled the New Testament with gospels left over.

Jesus was either illiterate or very busy or was shoved aside after his death by people who took up his cause then. I do not believe he was illiterate or that Socrates was, but I guess my opinion does not count for much in either case. For the record, I would not have favored putting either one to death.

Neither shows any evidence of Trumpian philosophy, assuming Donald John Trump has a philosophy. I grew up…



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